Precision Laser & Cold Saw Profile Cutting

Laser cutting is quickly becoming one of the most effective alternatives to many traditional metal cutting methods currently available. One of the greatest benefits is the high level of precision it offers. Laser cut edges are cleaner than those cut by more traditional methods

We provide a variety of precision laser processes such as marking, etching, and skiving, and even prototype manufacturing. We pride ourselves on delivering state of the art products by highly educated technicians and continue to research and adopt new technologies all to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

CO2 LASER: Two Bystronic 4400 and 6000 watt 5×10 bed lasers


  • 1 inch steel
  • 0.5 inch aluminum
  • 3/8 inch Stainless

COMBO PUNCH LASER – Strippit 2000 watt

  • 36 station turret
  • 22 ton punch

PUNCH PRESS: Nisshinbo Hydraulic

  • 16 Station Turret press
  • 30 ton


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